SitesManager.updateSite succeeds for unknown idsite #1585

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The response for SitesManager.updateSite is wrong. Calling it with an unknown idSite parameter results in

{"result":"success", "message":"ok"}

This makes no sense - and can't IMHO not be deserved, as delteSite returns

{"result":"error", "message":"website id = 124 not found"}

on error.

Thanks for your work!


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To may be speed it up a bit and make your life easier :) I've attached a patch, which adds the same check, which is also done in deleteSite()


Thanks, but getAllSitesId() requires superuser access. Some refactoring needs to be done.


(In [2928]) fixes #1585


(In [2977]) refs #1585, refs #1638 - merged from trunk

This issue was closed.
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