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Plugin homepage link redirect fails #1711

anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Anonymous Piwik user Anthon Pang Matthieu Aubry
Anonymous Piwik user

When you specify a 'homepage' in getInformation() that is an absolute link to a website other than (qa|demo|dev|forum)? or, the redirect fails. This is because the homepage URL is passed to misc/redirectToUrl.php which contains the following code:

$url = htmlentities($_GET['url']);
if(!preg_match('~^http://(qa\.|demo\.|dev\.|forum\.)?|$)~', $url)
&& !in_array($url, array(
))) { die; }

This makes it impossible to link to a non-piwik website.

Anthon Pang

We implemented a whitelist because people reported this as an xss vulnerability.

When you submit your plugin, include a request to whitelist your url.

Anonymous Piwik user

I see - thanks for the tip.

Matthieu Aubry

We should simply link to the author website link rather than pass it through the redirect script (in this case).

Anthon Pang

matt: It's no longer necessary to submit a request to whitelist a URL. The Proxy module automatically whitelists the URLs supplied by plugins' getInformation().

Anthon Pang

(In [3323]) refs #1711, refs #1014 - move plugin-specific logic out of Url.php to Proxy module; simplify code; re-org related tests

Matthieu Aubry

(In [3360]) Refs #1711 - simplifying code: now homepage/license links link directly to the URL, and would expose referer. This is not an issue as, a plugin could anyway obtain a lot more information about the server anyway. In code, all URLs using Proxy&action=redirect are URLs.

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