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Piwik_Period_Day->toString() should support variable formats #1888

anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue · 6 comments

3 participants

Anonymous Piwik user Anthon Pang Matthieu Aubry
Anonymous Piwik user

The toString() method is hard-coded to "Y-m-d" format. It should accept an override with a default parameter of Y-m-d for backwards compatibility.

Anthon Pang

mrisher: What's your use case?

btw if we change the method signature, this should be uniform across Period.php and Period/*.php.

Anonymous Piwik user

Sorry, I had replied but received a bug.

I agree about changing the other Period/* files. This syntax matches that of Date.php so for consistency it seems worth adding.

The use case is, I have a downstream data provider that is being merged into a plugin, and it requires a specific date format with a different delimiter.

I can make the change and check in; should I attach Patch files here or do it in SVN?

Thank you,

Matthieu Aubry

please attach your patch, thanks

Anonymous Piwik user

Period.php, Day.php, and Range.php have toString() methods, so I have updated those.
Week.php, Month.php, and Year.php do not have a toString() method, so I have not changed those in this fix.

Anonymous Piwik user

Attachment: Patch to close this ticket.

Matthieu Aubry

(In [3755]) Fixes #1888
Note: Year Period is not toStringable - does it still solve your use case?

Anonymous Piwik user anonymous-piwik-user added this to the 1.x - Piwik 1.x milestone
This issue was closed.
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