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Piwik cannot show the user PDF reports when using FastCGI. See http://blog.rolandbaer.ch/2010/08/15/piwik-pdf-reports-bei-hostpoint-mit-fastcgi/ for details.


This is an upstream bug, imho. See use of Content-Disposition in http://php.net/manual/en/function.header.php#Examples


I'm not sure whether multiple Content Type headers are even allowed within HTTP. Also an option might be to check if FastCGI is used and then only send one Content Type field.


RFC2616 only presents two scenarios for multiple Content-Type headers:

  1. a "300 Multiple Choice" response for agent-drive negotiation, or
  2. within multi-part content.

I've asked that the SourceForge ticket #29963666 be re-opened.

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