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PDF Reports to support 'Year' and 'Quaterly' scheduled reports frequency #2012

mattab opened this Issue · 10 comments

4 participants

Matthieu Aubry Anonymous Piwik user Julien Moumné Dustin Dauncey
Matthieu Aubry

PDF reports could support 'Year' reports. It is not necessarily useful as a 'scheduled' PDF (could be though), but definitely makes sense as an 'on demand' downloadable report.

Matthieu Aubry

Starting patch, left to do is the Yearly task :)

Index: lang/en.php
--- lang/en.php (revision 6409)
+++ lang/en.php (working copy)
@@ -254,6 +254,7 @@
    'General_Daily' => 'Daily',
    'General_Weekly' => 'Weekly',
    'General_Monthly' => 'Monthly',
+   'General_Yearly' => 'Yearly',
    'General_DailyReports' => 'Daily reports',
    'General_WeeklyReports' => 'Weekly reports',
    'General_MonthlyReports' => 'Monthly reports',
Index: plugins/PDFReports/API.php
--- plugins/PDFReports/API.php  (revision 6409)
+++ plugins/PDFReports/API.php  (working copy)
@@ -722,6 +722,7 @@
            'day' => Piwik_Translate('General_Daily'),
            'week' => Piwik_Translate('General_Weekly'),
            'month' => Piwik_Translate('General_Monthly'),
+           'year' => Piwik_Translate('General_Yearly'),
            'range' => Piwik_Translate('General_DateRangeInPeriodList'),
        return $periods;

Julien Moumné

This feature is already implemented as an 'on demand' downloadable report.

This is achieved by selecting Period = Year in the UI (using the calendar) and clicking on "Download". This produces a report for the selected year.

Please tell me If I am overlooking something.

Matthieu Aubry

It would be nice to have also possibility to send the email report once per year, for example for start of year reporting to the boss or marketing department

Matthieu Aubry

It's good enough that users can create yearly reports on demand in the UI. thanks!

Anonymous Piwik user

I don't agree. We use piwik for our customers - and several of them (I think there will be more of them out in the world) don't want login and see their reports online - they want to get them via mail.

Actually, they don't want to get a yearly report but they want to get a monthly report for the last twelve month once a year (or one for the last three month four times a year).

Why not allowing a custom number of days, weeks, months?

Anonymous Piwik user

I do not have time and desire to create manually 50-100 reports for the marketing.
The marketing need the data every week, month and year.

If we have the possibility to set a custom number of days, weeks, months (years) we could build reports every time we want.

So it is possible to build automatic reports every year, half a year and/or every quarter.

That would save us a lot of manual work.

Matthieu Aubry

We can implement the feature indeed, at least yearly. Would be nice to also be able to send quaterly and every 3 months...

Matthieu Aubry

Quaterly reports feature requested in forum,115733

Matthieu Aubry mattab removed the P: normal label
Dustin Dauncey

I came here looking for an open issue for this, and I think this is the best one. Ultimately, I have a customer who currently gets it monthly but now requests it every six months. As far as I can tell, every 6 months is not an option, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

Ideally, in addition to the "Yearly" and "Quarterly" noted on this issue title, IMHO there should be a "custom" option where it is specified "X" number of Weeks / Days / Months / Years, etc. where "X" Is a numerical representation. The application should be smart enough to be able to calculate the dates necessary. I would love to see this (and others too since it was a request from my own customer) and I am looking forward to the "Yearly" and "Quarterly" additions hopefully to be released in the near future as well as hopefully a "Custom" date schedule.


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