"Download" PDF click returns PDF Reports in default language, not user language #2093

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According to #1632 the PDF reports should already be generated in the user's language. This worked well in previous versions, but apparently in v1.1.1 the reports only use the default language and ignore the language the user set in the GUI.
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It works for me in 1.2-rc1. please try with this version: http://forum.piwik.org/read.php?2,72265


Thanks, I tried with 1.2-rc1, but the problem still exists. PDF Reports are generated in the language set in "default_language".


probably because the dashboard is using your browser language setting; the setting is only stored in the user_language table if you manually change the language from the dashboard's language selector

the quick fix is to save the user's current language setting when the report is setup


Good point, but it seems like the setting in user_language is being ignored.

I tried this:

  • default_language is "de"
  • In the GUI I set the language to "English".
  • The table piwik_user_language shows that the language for my user is set to "en".
  • The GUI is in English, but when I generate a report it's in German.

I also tried the other way round:

default_language is "en", I selected "German" in the GUI, but the reports are still in english...

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I can now replicate the issue locally, investigating

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The bug is the "Download" link does not download the PDF in the right language.

BUT the scheduled PDF reports are sent in the User Language as expected, so WORKING as expected (if you have an issue with scheduled reports, please report it)

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(In [4219]) Fixes #2093

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