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Piwik AutoUpdate (1.1.1 -> 1.2) failing with "Error Opening [absolute/path/to/piwik/latest/]" #2125

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Still very hard to track down (now entries in the server / apache error logs) but it seems like there would be still a file lock on when the piwik Updater tries to access it. File is in the given directory, permissions, etc. are correct.

Error was reproducible on my 2 Servers (which have the same config (basepath restriction, vhost, mod_php (5.2.6)). AutoUpdates used to run correctly by now.

Bug related to #1965.


Tracking down the error more deeply:

  • PHP Version 5.2.6-1+lenny9 (64Bit System) - exactly the same (sub)Version as in #1965 (-> bug in PHP very supposable!)
  • $this->ziparchive->open($filename) returns (int)5 (code 5 is supposed to be "ZIPARCHIVE::ER_READ")
  • Could be this PHP-Issue: related to
  • deleted tmp/latest/piwik & tmp/latest/ manually and tried again
  • File (when downloaded from the tmp/latest/ directory) is OK and accessible


  • Updated the AutoUpdater to the 1.2 Version
  • Chmodded / Chgrped piwik directory
  • Applied patch (attachment)

Is that your fix?


Ok, it is a patch. I'll apply and close.


(In [4003]) fixes #2125 - thanks peterb


My fix was to replace the Plugin "CoreUpdater", "/core/Unzip.php", "/core/Unzip/PclZip.php" and "/core/Unzip/ZipArchive.php" with the new files from 1.2.

The patch file fixes a warning (and that a possibly existing tmp/piwik directory is correctly removed) in "plugins/CoreUpdater/Controller.php" that uses "file_exists($this->pathRootExtractedPiwik)" while the member "pathRootExtractedPiwik" wasn't set yet.

@peterbo peterbo added this to the Piwik 1.2.1 milestone
This issue was closed.
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