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PDF/HTML Reports: Expand Actions reports (and some others) by default #2137

mattab opened this Issue · 10 comments

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It would be sometimes useful to Expand (show recursively) the data for some reports since the expanded data is very important for these:

When creating the Scheduled report, users could check a box "For Pages, Downloads, Outlinks report, Expand and show Top Pages in the hierarchy"

  • if a category has 10 children categories and pages, I propose we display the 4 top ones in each sub category.
  • The 5th listing will be the truncated row ("Others") or the 5th page/category if there were only 5.
    • countries/fr/paris/
    • countries/fr/marseille/
    • countries/fr/lyon/
    • countries/fr/bordeaux/
    • countries/fr/Others (this is the truncated row)

See #2816 and #2742

This was reported in the forum this post and here



In Piwik 1.9.2, by adding

  • parameters.flat = '1'; in PDFReports/templates/pdf.js
  • flat=1' in the Download URL in PDFReports/templates/list.tpl I was able to have all pages of all categories in my report.

Since 1.10.1 it does not work anymore. How can I fix that ?

Best regards


Salut Julien,

Any comment on my issue or for this ticket ?



In my report for custom variables stand for example:

selected_country 1000

But i need to see the items of the next level:

selected_country 1000
de-de 800
int_en 150
fr-fr 50


also currently, when directories don't have a + prepended to the string, which makes it hard to visualize in the PDF report. we should add simple + in front of categories #6488


Need very much to expand pathes of entry pages in report to justify behaviour of user. See more #6655 Thank you!


Hi there,

Where itg is implemented?
Where to tick a box to get pathes expanded in the pdf reports?



Hi @OG2K

the issue is opened, so it's not implemented yet.


ok, I wait. and it is nice to know that it will be implemented. /A


Now that flatten is very fast for Page URLs I reckon it would be really useful to flatten Page URL report by default in Scheduled reports

(It would also make issue #6488 less visible although still important to address)

@mattab mattab added the Major label

+1 for the flatten Page URL scheduled report.

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