How to Mobile App Analytics using Piwik, new FAQ #2144

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Does this ticket mean creation of a SDK for most used frameoworks to track data to Piwik?

It would be nice to answer the most basic questions with Piwik:

  • how many unique users of my app per day, week, month
  • what are the functionnality/pages most used
  • what are the countries, Mobile phone used, etc. This can be all offered after data is properly tracked using the Tracking API:

So maybe this ticket could be implemented as

  • improve the Tracking API documentation page, adding the list of all supported parameters, example of "tracking a new visit & page", "tracking a page view", "tracking a Goal with custom revenue". See GA similar doc
  • provide a Tutorial that will show how to call this Tracking API for example on appcelerator using Piwik Mobile App example (Steve and Thomas maybe could help with this)
  • It would also be nice to advertise the Tracking API helper functions in other languages. Currently it is only offered in PHP but could now be extended to other languages for example Java, Ruby or Python

This feature to be implemented will require a push from the team for sure, but also interest for the community to pick up contributions in other languages / frameworks.


Let's use this ticket to collect ideas. I think the scope broadly covers two parts:

  • a client SDK for multiple languages/frameworks
  • server-side reports (e.g., app installs, download revenue and in-app purchases).
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One other requirement is: a management of offline usage data, where the user not connected to the web, would still have Piwik gather usage data, and would be pushed online in a batch, when internet connexion is back.

In all cases, we must ensure that we fail very gracefully and not slow down any thing in the app (asynchronous), so probably handling everything in a queue would be nice?

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Since Piwik Mobile implemented tracking using Piwik, I think Thomas and Stefan are the best people to write a FAQ about this topic ;) See piwik/piwik-mobile-2#2529

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Thomas wrote a blog post which I reviewed. Needs another round of reviews and we'll publish and link from doc + faq.

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