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1.4 update - race conditions #2403

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More than one forum user has somehow managed to update to 1.4 without the db update. Setting version_core to 1.3, they were able to trigger it.

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One case that I am thinking is:

  • Start uploading files
  • in particular core/Version.php is uploaded, but core/Updates/* are not
  • the Live! real time widget refreshes in another tab and causes to trigger ugprade, but there are no Update files yet...
  • DB is set to upgraded
  • then DB upgrade is not triggered once all files are downloaded...

But I'm not sure how we could fix this...
and maybe there are other trigger cases?


The build 1.4 ( seems to be different as the file.

Using the file I'm not able to update Piwik
const VERSION = '1.2.1'; in core/Version.php

Using the build it's fine...
Hope it helps


Lolo Irie: I just downloaded, and Version.php says "1.4". It's possible you have a proxy in your network that's caching an older version of Within Piwik, we add a cache buster to the URL, so it'll always get the latest version, which helps should one happen to install an older version.

matt: I think this would be prevented by CoreUpdater_Controller's check for updateCorePlugins=1. This is short-circuited when run from the CLI ... maybe triggers the update? (Fix: CLI would also require the updateCorePlugins=1 parameter.)


Oh I see... r3743 bypasses the updateCorePlugins=1 check. So yes, it's possible the Live plugin could have triggered the update before the new scripts in core/Updates/ were uploaded.

In that case, other triggers would include API calls and widgets. I suppose even an anonymous user navigating to the Login form would also trigger the update?

Also, this implies we have a race condition during the one-click update (while files are being copied).

Maybe something like this? (Pseudo-code:)

    if (there are updates)
        if (user is superuser)
            if ((module == 'CoreHome' || module == 'MultiSites')
                and (action is empty || action == 'index'))
                redirect to CoreUpdater
            // else pass through the request
        else if (module != 'Login' && module != 'Proxy')
            Piwik_ExitWithMessage('You must login as superuser to complete the update.');
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r3743 indeed looks pretty bad now that you highlight it. Maybe we just revert and always show the "Update page" which should really improve the situation?

I agree that asking for super user login might be a good idea, but at the same time it also adds complexity where maybe reverting part of r3743 would fix most issues?


(In [4751]) fixes #2403


(In [4752]) refs #2403 - comment:3


(In [4755]) fixes #2403 - typo

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