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PDF Email report #2446

anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue · 8 comments

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The PDF sent with the email report is in English but if we download it in Piwik, we have it in the user language. Could this be corrected so the user receive the report in his own language ? I suppose adding the language tag will resolve this.


Hi I am not some super advanced programmer but the team may be able to solve alot of character encoding issues both in and out with a middle-ware you might find useful

Solved alot of headaches i have with scandinavian and non roman character sets i had in a project thought it could do the same for you..

Keep up teh amazing work and products!


PDF reports should be sent in the language you last selected in the user interface. They are sent in the language of the user who created the report. Works for me in 1.4?


Confirming this bug. When i download the PDF report, it's in german. If i send it by mail, it's in english. 1.4 that is.


This is a bit of usability issue. By default, the dashboard guesses the language to use from the browser header. So, some users never explicitly set the language.

Maybe in PDFReports_Controller, we could force save the report creator's current language?

  $lang = Piwik_LanguagesManager_API::getInstance()->getLanguageForUser( $currentUser );
    Piwik_LanguagesManager_API::getInstance()->setLanguageForUser( $currentUser, Piwik_LanguagesManager::getLanguageCodeForCurrentUser() );

(In [4824]) fixes #2446 - force save language of report creator


I think the language should be set also when $emailMe wasn't ticked? Otherwise, messages sent to other email adresses will be in English?


Ideally, the language could be specified for each recipient. In lieu, I think additional recipients should use $config->General->default_language.


(In [4826]) Fixes #2446

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