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Option to remove "Piwik" from page title #2503

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Now that Piwik brings the option to use a custom logo for branding, would be great to have the option to remove "Piwik >" from the page titles that are displayed in the tab of the browser.
Keywords: branding, title


Great idea, change to "$WEBSITE_NAME Reports - Piwik" when no custom logo, and only "$WEBSITE_NAME Reports" when a custom logo is used?



It would be, IMHO, even better if is there is also an option in the global settings (branding) page to set an alternative to "Piwik": "$WEBSITE_NAME Reports - $MY_BRANDING_NAME". It would be useful for people using Piwik as a self serve hosted service (#1148)


"Piwik" appears throughout the documentation and translations, so let's be clear that rebranding isn't a pure white label -- it's still "Powered by Piwik".


(In [5240]) Fixes #2503

  • dont display "Piwik" in page title for login, stats and admin pages

(In [5246]) refs #2503


(In [5247]) refs #2503

@anonymous-piwik-user anonymous-piwik-user added this to the 1.6 Piwik 1.6 milestone
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