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Metadata improvements to generate static graph image URL #2670

mattab opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Matthieu Aubry Julien Moumné
Matthieu Aubry

Improve Metadata output to offer the URL to the graph in the metadata, for Piwik mobile and PDF integration. Notes:

  • Metadata will specify the parameters: idSite, period, date, apiModule, apiAction but also:
    • graphType
      • use line graph for "Metadata without dimension" VisitsSummary.get, Goals.get, with default metric
      • use bar graph (or Pie chart) for "Metadata with dimension" (keywords, countries, etc)
    • column, default to the "main" metric for evolution graphs?

So Piwik Mobile will define: $width, $height, $fontSize, $colors, $date, $period, $token_auth, $language.

See #1721

Matthieu Aubry

see also #2134

Matthieu Aubry

(In [5296]) Fixes #2670

  • Metadata output now contains "imageGraphUrl"
  • the function used by piwik mobile and others, API.getReportMetadata now accepts period and date parameters
    • for "Evolution graphs" (goals, visitssummary, etc.) we must "plot" multiple days previous to the currently selected date. The metadata APi automatically does the $date parameter rewrite, when period != range, and date is not already a range. Therefore the imageGraphUrl can be used as is.
  • New page available at: index.php?module=ImageGraph&action=index&idSite=1&period=month&date=2011-04-17
    • This page will call metadata APi then display the graph for all existing reports. This is a useful debug/test page to view all graphs as they will be displayed in Piwik Mobile (and PDF reports later refs #2706

Refs #1721

  • Showing less vertical bars in graph by default
  • Displaying empty graph when there is no data
Matthieu Aubry

(In [5298]) Refs #2670

  • Fixing few bugs found by integration tests and hopefully fixing build!
Matthieu Aubry

(In [5301]) Refs #2670

  • Testing for Freetype support otherwise throwing exception
Julien Moumné

(In [5415]) fixes #2706

  • refs #2318, #71 : Graphs now supported
  • refs #2670, #898 : Restoring VisitsSummary report metadata before eCommerce
  • refs #1721 : Additional security, filename fixes and new internal outputType
Julien Moumné

(In [5582]) * fixes #2706, #2828, #2704, refs #1721, #2637, #2711, #2318, #71 : horizontal static graph implemented

  • fixes #2788, refs #2670, #1721, #2637, #2711 : default graph type logic moved to ImageGraph API, improved date/period logic, new parameter graphs_default_period_to_plot_when_period_range
  • fixes #2704, #2804, refs #1721 : pChart updated to 2.1.3, pChart code removed from Piwik code, OOP refactoring, support for unifont.ttf if present in ImageGraph/fonts, testAllSizes now uses report metadata ImageGraphUrl
  • refs #5491 : space between report title and report table reduced to avoid page overflow
  • refs #2829 : TODO display percentages
  • r5544, r5547, r5549 merged
Matthieu Aubry mattab added this to the 1.6 Piwik 1.6 milestone
This issue was closed.
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