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Some days incorrectly show 0 zero visits when archiving was running the first second of the day #2728

anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Anonymous Piwik user Matthieu Aubry
Anonymous Piwik user

It's seems a bug in Piwik archiving algorithm. In screenshot #1 that I show there are 0 visitors in october 19. By the way, actually I had 95 visitors. See screenshot #2: Little dig in database reveals that archiving was made on 16:59:59 OMST (that is, 9:59:59 UTC). My server works in OMST timezone.

When I tried to change field ts_archived in mysql table archive_numeric_2011_10 to value 2011-10-19 17:00:00, the Piwik began to show visitors count correctly.

I don't know from what point of source code this issue come from. Developers please fix it :)

Matthieu Aubry

Thanks for the report and the info. What timezone did you set the website to in Piwik > Settings > Websites ?

Matthieu Aubry

Note: we also did some work on the same issue for Piwik 1.6, see ticket #2548

Matthieu Aubry
Matthieu Aubry

(In [5566]) Fixes #2728
I couldn't replicate the issue since it's an edge case, but I have the feeling that this would fix it (since the bug report was quite precise and highlighted a 1 second offset problem)

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