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Ecommerce requires Custom Variables plugin, should check and enforce #2743

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Getting the same error as reported in #2732 and a similar one, in my case after enabling ecommerce tracking on 1.6.0. For me, almost all widgets on the dashboard show:

Fatal error: Class 'Piwik_CustomVariables' not found in /var/php/piwik/plugins/Goals/Goals.php on line 583

On the ecommerce goals page, I get:

Fatal error: Class 'Piwik_CustomVariables' not found in /var/php/piwik/plugins/Goals/Goals.php on line 583

I've restarted the fcgi process and apache, checked that the code is the same as in the file and verified file permissions. Interestingly, the error goes away once I switch the period to something not including today. So, I figure something got tracked since enabling the ecommerce tracking that causes the error to show.


Two more remarks:

For a staging site where I tested the ecommerce tracking, I get a different error on the ecommerce goals page (above, I pasted the same error message twice):

Fatal error: Class 'Piwik_CustomVariables' not found in /var/php/piwik/plugins/Goals/API.php on line 292

Also, the errors are limited to the individual websites tracked. I.e. for the staging site and all others tracked by this piwik server, I still get a normal dashboard display.


Can you check that the plugin "Custom Variables" is enabled? and the files in plugins/CustomVariables/CustomVariables.php is there?


Thanks, after enabling the plugin everything's fine! I do feel embarrassed...


Don't feel embarassed, it's a bug!

We should check that Custom Variable plugin is enabled when enabling Ecommerce (maybe enable it automatically)


(In [5612]) Fixes #2743

  • Displaying error when loading ecommerce report if custom var plugin disabled
  • added note in plugin description
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