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File: SearchEngines.php

Original (shows incorrect encoding):
'' => array('Mailru', 'q', 'search?q={k}', 'windows-1251'),

I changed to:
'' => array('Mailru', 'q', 'search?rch=e&q={k}'),

And now it seems to work correctly.


(In [5413]) fixes #2761 - confirmed that search results are now utf-8


As for now, uses UTF-8 in most cases. But rarely it still uses windows-1251 too.

I had to change extractSearchEngineInformationFromUrl function in /core/Common.php

    && isset($searchEngines[$refererHost][3]))
    // accepts string, array or comma separated list string in preferred order
    if (!is_array($searchEngines[$refererHost][3]))
        $charsets = explode(',', $searchEngines[$refererHost][3]);
        $charsets = $searchEngines[$refererHost][3];

        $charset = mb_detect_encoding($key, $charsets);
        if ($charset === false)
            $charset = $charsets[0];

        $newkey = @iconv($charset, 'UTF-8//IGNORE', $key);
            $key = $newkey;

It works with

'' => array('Mailru', 'q', 'search?q={k}', array('UTF-8', 'windows-1251')),

in /core/DataFiles/SearchEngines.php


Thanks for the patch.

I don't think we need to support comma separated list. We do have to check for mbstring and have a unit test.


Comma separated list is already supported by mb_detect_encoding.

By the way, mb_strtolower is already used in Common.php (in original Piwik code in the extractSearchEngineInformationFromUrl function) without any checks tests.


Can you provide a sample referrer url with windows-1251 encoding?

I've done some refactoring and added some more tests, but can never have enough.


Awesome! Thanks!


(In [5682]) fixes #2761

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