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Scheduled reports: New option to include all rows (no limit) in pdf/html reports #2817

mattab opened this Issue · 3 comments

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When #2137 is done, users might want to show the full hierarchy without truncation after 5 rows.

When the checkbox "For Pages, Downloads, Outlinks report, Expand and show Top Pages in the hierarchy" is checked, a new checkbox below would appear:

By default, the hieararchical reports (Pages, Custom Variables, etc.) display only the top values.

[ ] Click here to load and display all data in hierarchical reports

Note: this feature could also be extended to other reports, for example if a user would like to show ALL keywords each day in his email.


Should probably also include,94586


FYI, it is possible to configure the limit on a global basis using General.scheduled_reports_truncate. Disabling the limit used to work by setting the config option to 0. In the current version of Piwik, General.scheduled_reports_truncate=false has to be used.

0 on the other hand only shows the "Other" row. Is this expected behavior?


@BeezyT: You should set General.scheduled_reports_truncate to -1 value if you want to disable limit. Zero value means that reports should have maximum length less than 0 and for truncated data Piwik will compute summary row.

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