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Tracker cache files should expire to pick up recent changes #2830

robocoder opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Anthon Pang Matthieu Aubry Anonymous Piwik user
Anthon Pang

Currently, tracker cache files in /tmp/cache/tracker/ are never deleted. This file stores Goals definitions, website URLs, etc. The problem is that, when goal change, the tracker cache files are deleted on the server on which the Piwik UI is running.

But the tracker cache files will not be deleted from the tracking servers if they are different servers.

I see 2 solutions to this:

  • Update the Piwik load balancing FAQ and explain that the tmp/ folder must be cleared in a cron file every hour or so
  • Update tracker cache file to add a expiry for example every 1 hour the cache files could be rebuilt from the DB. This means that any change to Goals and Websites would take up to 1 hour to be reflected upon tracking.

Alternatively, but more complicated, we could prepare a memory / memcache layer, but this would be more complicated to setup and maintain.


Matthieu Aubry

In 7dfad00: Fixes #2830 Implementing Tracker Cache TTL (in config file, [Tracker]

Matthieu Aubry

In 2854a29: Refs #2830 More fixes forgot in previous commit

Anonymous Piwik user

In d152c93: Fixes #2830 Implementing Tracker Cache TTL (in config file, [Tracker]

Anonymous Piwik user

In 1cd66a2: Refs #2830 More fixes forgot in previous commit

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