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I'm using Firefox 9.0.1 with default setting and Piwik 1.6 French version.
I can't see my visits in log visiteur with this browser and maybe with precedent version ( today i've the latest).

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I can't reproduce your problem with firefox 9.0.1 running on win7. In my piwik 1.6 installation all visitors of the selected day are displayed correctly. Would you mind to describe the problem a bit more detailed?

  • Are there any javascript errors occuring
  • is the page displayed correct eg. is only the list of visitors empty?
  • Might it be possible that your page just didn't have any visitors on the day selected in date choooser?

My firefox is running on XP.
There is no javascript error and the piwik code is well present in the displayed page.
The list of visitors is not empty: no log only from my firefox 9.0.1 browser.
From the same machine with IE, I haven't problem.


Normally, I would close this and direct the reporter to post the question in the forum.

In this case, please email us at hello (at) piwik.org with your web site url, piwik url, and login id+password to your piwik instance. And please include a reference to this ticket.


The problem is that you're using setDoNotTrack. This is currently broken in 1.6 because Mozilla didn't implement it as they originally spec'd it. They have now updated the documentation to reflect the as-is implementation, and we have fixed this in trunk for the upcoming 1.7 release. [5592

Download the latest version of piwik.js from: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/blob/master/5664/trunk/piwik.js

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