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piwik cannot decode chinese keywords properly sometime from #2901

anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Anonymous Piwik user Anthon Pang Matthieu Aubry
Anonymous Piwik user

I see there is a fix on Piwik 0.2.33, FIXED #589 Piwik fails to properly decode and store some chinese keywords (eg. from

But I still see some url with chinese keywords are decoded wrong.
take below link for example, the keywords are ?, but in piwik they become "?", see also in attached screenshot file.

Anonymous Piwik user

Attachment: screenshot about chinese words decode

Anthon Pang

There's a new featuren in #2761 that allows multiple encodings. We can try adding utf-8 to the baidu configuration (currently expects gb2312) and edward's url to the unit test.

Matthieu Aubry

IT sounds like new logic might need to be introduced for baidu (use UTF-8 when it is found as a parameter value, default to gb2312 otherwise?)

Anthon Pang

(In [5755]) fixes #2901 - thanks edward!

Matthieu Aubry

I was wrong, that's good! :)

Anonymous Piwik user anonymous-piwik-user added this to the 1.7 Piwik 1.7 milestone
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