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Weird percentage of installations of a browser plugin (>100%) #2962

anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue · 11 comments

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The "Plugins" table under "Visitors" - "Settings" shows following strange behavior:
1. The visits percentage with Flash plugin is shown above 100% (102.1%)
2. The shown percentage seems to be inconsistent with the absolute number of visits. E.g.: if 60 visits corresponds to 100% ("Cookies"), how can 39 visits correspond to 81.3% ("Pdf"), and so on.

See attached screenshot for information. This seems to be related to #1496.


It doesn't get asked in the bug submission form: Piwik version 1.7 is meant. But I'm not sure how long this has been around, maybe I just never noticed.


Thanks for the report, it seems there is a problem indeed.


Cookie and Java - includes IE users, so:

  • Cookie 60/60 = 100%
  • Java 42/60 =70%

The other plugins exclude IE users. It looks like one non-IE user changed their user agent to masquerade as IE, this means the Flash detection is over-reported (49 instead of 48).

  • Flash 49/48 = 102.1%
  • Pdf 39/48 = 81.83%
  • etc...

This is confusing to users given that the widget currently has the footnote:
Note: Plugins detection doesn't work in Internet Explorer. This report is only based on non-IE browsers
but is obviously not accurate given the above explanation.


(In [6056]) refs #2962 - no hope of IE ever supporting plugin detection; so disable it from the start


(In [6057]) refs #2962 - don't correct for IE


Now... what to do with historical data?


Oh good guess about browser faking IE user agents. Your solution looks good.

About historical data: maybe we can cap the percentage at 100% max if it could be higher for previous days?


(In [6258]) fixes #2962 - add RangeCheck filter


(In [6262]) refs #2962


I noticed that the value for 100% is displayed as "100" but other values are correctly displayed with % sign "88%"

@anonymous-piwik-user anonymous-piwik-user added this to the Piwik 1.8 milestone
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