All websites: JS syntax error: setRowData missing parameter #3010

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On multi-sites module (overview about all pages) I get the following syntax error:

allSites[7] = new setRowData(9, 14, , " 918,68 ", 'Kufe', 'http://an.url', '600%', '0%', '100%');
prepareRows(allSites, params, 'visits'); // allSites is not defined

The third parameter to setRowData is missing and the page stays blank. Happened somewhere between the update to 1.7 or 1.7.1 (now at 1.7.1).
The six sites before do not have this error, only the last one.

Noticed no other somewhere else (did not search for, though), just the multi-site overview is broken.

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(In [5976]) Fixes #3010 Thanks for the report. This patch will fix the error.

This issue was closed.
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