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Make Dashboard widgets more readable and less busy-looking #3093

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The Piwik dashboard is very useful and practical, but it can be a daunting for a first time user.

Each dashboard widget shows footer icons, pager, ... but they are usually rarely used. Especially since we store changes in the database and apply them when opening the dashboard again. Therefore we want to hide the widget footer by default but give users the possibility to "expand" the footer. Some reports that provide further controls should be able to add controls to this by default hidden footer to hide complexity. It's up to each report to define useful default values.

Also made the dataTable and All Websites Dashboard look nicer. For instance removed some borders.


Attachment: example simpler dashboard design with only 3 css changes
lights switched off dashboard.png


Great idea

Shouldn't this be built as a theme ? #177


Maybe a bit too simple use case for a theme.

But maybe even better... Could we simplify the Piwik design such as in the screenshot by default for all dashboards? (and not make it an option)

Note: the widget border and bar would still display on hover on the datatable.


In fact we could even

  • hide the Piwik logo
  • move up the whole screens & reports and save many pixels!
  • show the top menu on hover only (show with 50%opacity otherwise ?)

These changes + the clarification / opacity of the dashboard widgets would basically make a nice "full screen" piwik experience.

See also suggestion post at:

Icon could be: and

or and


What do you think about this?




This is beautiful and will look even more beautiful when combined with a vertical menu (which I'll be working on for 2.x).


Not as important now that we will have ability to easily theme piwik #3942


reduced scope of ticket

Fixed in: #260

If you have more ideas on how we can make Piwik more usable and looking simpler, please let us know!

Your feedback is welcome

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