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Pie chart on Dashboard could be incorrect if only one Browsertype was tracked #3188

anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Today I saw an error which I couldnt reproduce with Safari on Android:

I got no pie chart on the dashboard under "visitors browser" while I had few visitors and all of them had Firefox. So the 100% pie wasnt plotted, but the tag for "Firefox" was there.

The Screenshot is just a remake...

Hopfully you can reproduce it...


I had to use IE 8 when the error occurs


(In [6517]) Fixes #3188, created monkey patch to fix bug in some browsers' arc drawing functionality.


  • Added workarounds.js file to hold this type of code.

Nice finding of the fix!

I propose to not add a new JS file, please add the JS code into the existing: /trunk/themes/default/common.js
At the end there is some similar monkeypatching code.


(In [6570]) Fixes #3188, move workaround to default theme's common.js file.


Regression: When the patch is applied, the "Evolution graph" have no blue dot on hover, using FF 14 and Chrome.


(In [6578]) Fixes #3188, fix regression in evolution graph.

This issue was closed.
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