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Row Evolutions not returning data for Actions.get[Entry|Exit]PageTitles #3361

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On Piwik Demo, Actions.getEntryPageTitles returns data for label Piwik Forums:

  <label> Piwik Forums</label>

Corresponding row evolution does not return data :

  <result date="2012-08-20"/>
  <result date="2012-08-21"/>
  <result date="2012-08-22"/>
  <result date="2012-08-23"/>
  <result date="2012-08-24"/>
  <result date="2012-08-25"/>
  <result date="2012-08-26"/>
  <result date="2012-08-27"/>
  <result date="2012-08-28"/>
  <result date="2012-08-29"/>
Piwik Open Source Analytics member

Thanks for the report

Piwik Open Source Analytics member

In 98658d0: Fixes #3361, make sure row evolution works for get[Entry/Exit]PageTitles by adding correct label variation for those reports.

Piwik Open Source Analytics member

@matt, there is no bug, the second URL is incorrect:

  • The date should not be 'today' but a date range including 2012-09-01.
  • The label uses a '>'. In order to differentiate it from just a '>' in the label, each individual label needs to be encoded again (so, urlencode(urlencode($toplevel).'>'.urlencode($nextlevel)) ).

Here is a correct URL that shows data:,2012-12-01&width=500&height=250&

Piwik Open Source Analytics member

Awesome, nice find & fix! :)

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