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Piwik 1.8.4 : Page Name with multiple levels is incorrect on mysqli #3402

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In every Piwik call we include the action_name tag to define the visited page.

As we need to group some pages under "categories" we use the / separator to build our tree architecture.

Since 1.8.4, if we pass 2 levels (so 1 /) to the piwik call, the first level won't show up. But if we pass more levels, all levels will show up.

if action_name=level1/level2 -> Page name will only be displayed as level2
if action_name=level1/level2/level3 -> Page name will perfectly displayed as level1/level2/level3

Thanks for your help
Keywords: 1.8.3 action_name

Piwik Open Source Analytics member

This was reported in the forums


It seems to have disappeared in 1.9b6

Piwik Open Source Analytics member

I suppose you were using MysqLI ?

The bug was fixed in: #3408


Yes. I confirm I'm using MYSQLI driver. :)

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