Setting 'archiving_ranking_query_row_limit' to 0 (no limit) should disable RankingQuery #3482

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'archiving_ranking_query_row_limit' to 0 (no limit) causes archiving
process not to process Actions and display an error.

The following errors shows up during archiving:

 Notice:</strong> <i>Undefined index: type</i> in
 on line <b>49</b>
 <br /><br />Backtrace --&gt;<div style="font-family:Courier;font-
 size:10pt"><br />
 #0  Piwik_ErrorHandler(...) called at
 #1  Piwik_Actions_ArchivingHelper::updateActionsTableWithRowQuery(...)
 called at
 [/home/ehealth/public_html/piwik/plugins/Actions/Archiving.php:478]<br />
 #2  Piwik_Actions_Archiving-&gt;archiveDayQueryProcess(...) called at
 [/home/ehealth/public_html/piwik/plugins/Actions/Archiving.php:282]<br />
 #3  Piwik_Actions_Archiving-&gt;archiveDayActionsTime(...) called at
 [/home/ehealth/public_html/piwik/plugins/Actions/Archiving.php:100]<br />
 #4  Piwik_Actions_Archiving-&gt;archiveDay(...) called at

var_dump'ing $row at plugins/Actions/ArchivingHelper.php:36, shows:

 array(6) {
   string(7) "1792657"
   string(1) "1"
   string(1) "1"
   string(1) "3"
   string(3) "279"
   string(1) "0"

so we have a problem with translation of keys in the row.

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  • when archiving_ranking_query_row_limit == 0, throw an exception (ask user to increase value in config file)
  • in the code, remove the code that tests for RQ and always use it in Actions+Transitions plugins (where it is currently used)
    • the feature "disable ranking query" is actually not a feature of Piwik, so let's remove it.

To record more or all data, set this number to very high limit ie. 100000 or 1 million.

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In 4b4277b: Fixes #3482, apply quick fix so Piwik works when ranking query is disabled and added test for disabled ranking query. Added FIXME comment to make sure underlying issue is eventually dealt with.

@mattab mattab added this to the 1.12 - The Great 1.x Backlog milestone Jul 8, 2014
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