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Both for and for Piwik reports Domain Age as '42 years 281 days' which would mean I registered them on january 1st, 1970.

First spotted on Piwik 1.8.4. Still present on Piwik 1.9.1

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Thanks for the report. Seems the domain age check doesn't work at all anymore.


Created a webservice to get age data, test: (will return created timestamp and age of domain in seconds)

See attached patch for integration.


Attachment: Updated


Added ability to get age from ".de" Domains


(In [7330]) quick fix #3497

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Out of curiosity: @pebosi can you share the script?


This is Piwik, an open source web analytics software. I love it because it is open source and I have a full control over it. This is why I got rid of Google Analytics after I found Piwik. And I don't want no closed source APIs in it which are not under my control. I hate when people try to make me dependent on their service.

pebosi, make this script open source to make Piwik more independent of third-party APIs.


Try this: #3525

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