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I'm a french user of Piwik, and I see that some Internet Service Provider names are not really relevant, or up to date : for example, "Wanadoo" is now commonly named "Orange", "Proxad" is better known as "Free", and "Coucou-networks" as "Free Mobile"

I think it would be better if Piwik shows the best-known names of these providers, in order to improve accuracy and user-friendliness of the displayed data.

Note that it is possible that there are other instances that I have not met on my low traffic site. But these are the most common in France, so probably the most "important" for this country.
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Maybe a good starting point ?

I've also fixed a missing dash in the regular expression of the Piwik_getHostnameUrl function :, for example, is a valid hostname, that can be used in a URL, right ?

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In f04f909: Refs #3697 allow dash in provider url

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@bugmenot pretty good! please submit a pull request if you can:


In e5dee0a: Refs #3697, Prettify ISP names


In c455528: Merge pull request from @ksubileau
fixes #3697


In 77facd8: Merge pull request #48 from pebosi/german_providers

add some german provides to datafile

Thanks @pebosi

refs #3697

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