Disabled Transitions Plugin leads to javascript error #3701

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If the transitions plugin is disabled you are getting a javascript error on most pages in the piwik ui:

ReferenceError: DataTable_RowActions_Transitions is not defined

...createInstance:function(dataTable){return new DataTable_RowActions_Overlay(dataT...

(Version 1.10.1)

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Thanks for the report!

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The Overlay plugin depends on the Transitions plugin.

If want to you disable Transitions, you have to disable Overlay too. That should fix it. Can you try?


sorry but that's not the point.
I had transitions disabled before, upgraded to a newer version where suddenly overlay was enabled - and nothing worked anymore because of javascript errors.
It took me a while to debug where these were coming from.
So please either:

  • automatically enable transitions when you automatically enable the overlay plugin
  • disable the overlay plugin when transitions are not enabled

It doesn't make much sense to have them separately enabled/disabled if the dependencies are not handled automatically.

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This was reported also in #3737


I disabled Overlay plugin, and after a force reload it works ok. Thanks for the tip.

But why Overlay plugin is suddenly enabled? I don't want it and didn't know piwik adds and enables plugins during updates. Now I have to browse plugin list and disable other plugins that appeared since I first installed piwik.

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Good point, we also could write a message in the Update screen, with the list of newly enabled plugins.

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In 3f35263: Refs #3701 adding simple message in UI

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In 19e35c0: Fixes #3701, check whether transitions plugin is loaded before showing overlay icon in datatable.


I just upgraded and ran into this same exact problem. I didn't have overlay enabled and I did have transitions enabled. After the upgrade everything was super broken. If there's a message in the UI about this, I sure didn't see it.

I think we either need to automatically enable overlay if it's a new dependency or make the error very loud -- louder than the failing charts.

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