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Remove references of .svn in code #3736

halfdan opened this Issue · 6 comments

3 participants

Fabian Becker Anonymous Piwik user Matthieu Aubry
Fabian Becker

There are still a few references to SVN in the code. Especially the development environment is recognized by the .svn folder in PIWIK_ROOT.

A simple $ grep -R .svn . shows some more references.

Anonymous Piwik user

In d48af43: Properly recognize the development environment.

refs #3736

Anonymous Piwik user

In 235405e: .svn dir does not exist anymore.

refs #3736

Anonymous Piwik user

In 47b9122: svn export won't work anymore. Instead we do a git clone -b $VERSION

There is still a reference to trunk/ for nightly builds, not sure
how that is supposed to work.

refs #3736

Anonymous Piwik user

In a0e81a4: Proper checkout of tag by version. Previous one was for branches..

refs #3736

Anonymous Piwik user

In 073af4e: Remove .svn references. refs #3736

Matthieu Aubry

In 39768c4: refs #3736

Fabian Becker halfdan added this to the 1.11 - Piwik 1.11 milestone
Fabian Becker halfdan self-assigned this
This issue was closed.
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