Display of browser versions fails when filtering by date range #3742

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We are tracking visitors at our site since yesterday. I can successfully view browser and browserversion stats initially (data is filtered by default by current week).

However, when I selected to display data from yesterday to today only (date range), the following is observed:

  • initial display of browser stats works
  • clicking "Report browser version" at bottom middle shows a message that no data has been found
  • switching back to original report by clicking the link at bottom middle again shows same message.

Found in 1.8.1 and 1.10.1

Piwik Open Source Analytics member

Can you replicate this problem on demo.piwik.org ?
If yes please copy URL here and instructions. Thanks


Yes, I can:
1. Click calendar icon in "Date range:" box at top left
2. Choose Thu, Feb 07 as "from" and Fri, Feb 08 as "to" date
3. Click "Apply date range"
4. In widget "Visitor Browser" click "Related report: Browser version"

=> "There is no data for this report." is displayed instead of browser version details

  1. Click "Related report: Browsers" to switch back to original report

=> "There is no data for this report." is displayed instead of general browser details

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Works for me on demo. Might be already fixed. Can anyone confirm?

Piwik Open Source Analytics member

Indeed works in GIT! Nice.

This issue was closed.
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