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Loading… needs upgrade to Python 3 or updated shebang line #3759

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Some distributions like Arch have /usr/bin/python point to python3, not Python 2.x. Even more popular distributions are transitioning to do the same thing. Currently, the script does not work under Python 3. As such, either it should be updated to support Python 3, either its shebang line should be changed to #!/usr/bin/python2 instead of assuming that /usr/bin/python is Python 2.x.
Keywords: log-analytics, python


sounds like a very good idea to make it python 3 compatible. Please send pull request if you manage this (btw is it possible to keep compatibility with Python 2.6?)

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This issue blocks the use of the log-analytics script over HTTPS on Gandi, whose SNI config requires python 3.2+.

Since I don't want to expose my logs over a cleartext connection, that means I can't use the log-analytics script. :(

Here is what Gandi support told me:

But here is the problem. When executing the script with python 3.2 a syntax error is returned as you can see it below:

$ ./ --url= ~/var/log/apache/access.log --debug

File "", line 562
except Piwik.Error, e:
SyntaxError: invalid syntax


Hi @JMPorup AFAIK it's not possible for script to support both Python 2 and python 3 unfortunately, and we must support Python 2.x still


@mattab how much work is it to update the script to python 3? Perhaps fork the log-analytics script into log-analytics-python2 and log-analytics-python3 ?


@JMPorup no idea...


@mattab Would you please consider looking into it? This is a major showstopping bug for me, and no doubt for many others as well. As it is, Gandi no longer recommends Piwik to their users because of this bug!


@JMPorup sorry, we can't. we don't have enough resources.


Issue was moved to the new repository for Piwik Log Analytics:

refs #7163

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