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New Tracking API feature: &new_visit=1 lets you create new visits on demand #3951

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SEE FAQ for How to instructions!

This is a very powerful feature for many of you :)

This feature lets Piwik users manually tell Piwik to create new visits when it suits, using the &new_visit=1 Tracking API parameter.

Use cases for this small but great new feature:

  • Intranet sites, where you know exactly who is using the computer, so you can trigger a new visit on each new login
  • Any system with a login system where you want to trigger new visit/user interactions within Piwik

The unique visitor stats will be more accurate, if you are able to use this feature when users of your website/system logout and login.

This feature is of course protected, by default it requires admin token_auth.
You can use the feature in Javascript such as:

_paq.push(['appendToTrackingUrl', 'new_visit=1']);

To enable this feature, you must configure your config.ini.php:

new_visit_api_requires_admin = 0
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In 80721ac: Fixes #3951

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Also, you may use the "Custom Visitor ID" feature via '&cid=' and pass it 16 hexa character ID. To enable &cid= you must set [Tracker]tracking_requests_require_authentication=0 in the config file.

Then you can create visits on demand, and set custom visitor ID to each.

As part of: #3490 we will make this even better

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Added a new FAQ: Piwik trigger new visits


Hi Matt! There is a small Bug left:

Flow: A Visitor visits a Site (Visitor A) -> The new visitor mechanism is triggered with new_visit=1 (Visitor B) -> The next Pageview (without new_visit=1) should be attributed to Visitor B but is attributed to Visitor A.

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In 2bd91ec: Fixes #3951
cheers Peter for finding this bad bug!

The new deleteCookies function can be used, whenever new_visit=1 is used, to ensure the cookies are re-created for the new visitor.

For example use as:


put both at the same time. Make sure you remove the "deleteCookies" otherwise. This should fix it!

I have updated the faq at
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In 8e10521: Thanks Julien for the report! refs #3951
we shouldnt disable cookies when deleting cookies, these are two different things.

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In 41a8af7: and the minified refs #3951
(note to self: we should have a unit test checking the minified version is matching original piwik.js)


Is this the right technique to track as a new visit? When I'm setting

_paq.push(["appendToTrackingUrl", "new_visit=1"]);

Piwik tracks a new visitor, even it is a returning visitor. Seems to be a bug, right?

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see also #5123 Tracker: new method setForceNewVisit() to force creation of a new visit

@mattab mattab added this to the 1.12 - The Great 1.x Backlog milestone
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