window_look_back_for_visitor break js visit length #3957

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hi there,

I have combined instance of piwik with both js tracked sites and log imported sites.

I have set window_look_back_for_visitor = 2678400 so I can track log imported returning visitors, no problem with this it works fine and doesn't cause any performance problem even for such long period.

However it breaks js tracked sites see attached screenshot

  • first record on the screenshot is with entirely disabled window_look_back_for_visitor and is perfectly correct

  • other lines are with window_look_back_for_visitor enabled and as you can see wrong

using 1.11.1 - is this something to be fixed in 1.12? I cannot run this on production right now.

Piwik Open Source Analytics member

In fa36f40: Adding failing test case showing the bug (visit over several days, creates too many visits) refs #3957

Piwik Open Source Analytics member

In 9e16d35: This fixture says "14 visits" which is the bug: it should say only "10" visits Refs #3957

Piwik Open Source Analytics member

In 4f2628f: Fixes #3957 thanks for the report and nice find! The bug was the missing ORDER clause.

Also fixing the "look ahead code" to lookahead at most the visit standard length

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