Actions > Downloads exports only combined statistics per site, it should be possible to export statistics per file #4148

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Currently only only combined statistics per site are exported from Actions > Downloads.

The statistics per file should be in the export too, I'd expect them in the export by default but at least this should be made optional.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Open:,2013-09-10#module=Actions&action=indexDownloads&idSite=7&period=range&date=2013-09-01,2013-09-10
2) Click on the + before every Download URL to see the statistics per file.
3) Click on the export this dataset in other formats
4) Pick your favorite format
5) Notice the export only contains the combined statitics per site.

Download URL       Unique Downloads Downloads       9                9   2                2
iXimgurXcom        2                2 1                1

Expexted results:
The export contains the combined statistics per site as well as the individual statistics per file

Download URL                                          Unique Downloads Downloads                                          9                9
/wpXcontent/uploads/image-import/_3t5ds9r5fTM/SWMg... 9                9                                      2                2
/                                   2                2
iXimgurXcom                                           2                2
/SxepAG3.png                                          2                2                                    1                1
/02.06.12/z96tvo2s4mvc.png                            1                1

NOTE: I've added X characters for the imgur and blogosys links as they triggered the spam filter

Piwik Open Source Analytics member

I'm happy to say it is working in Git master.

The current fix is: Click on COG icon then "Make it flat". Then COG> "Aggregate rows are hidden. Click to show them". Then click on Export as etc.. The export data will contain the expanded info, segmented by the domain.

We fixed this few days ago and hope it will work as solution (though I agree, it is not as clear as it could be).

This issue was closed.
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