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Archive.php triggered multiple times simultaneously can result in mysql deadlock situation #4186

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looking into random failures and deadlock situations with regards to running several archive.php crons in parallel (what is done when triggering the segments to pre-archive).

The related code is at:

There is an example of travis failure showing the ENGINE INNODB STATUS with output:

From Anthon:

There are S (shared) locks and X (exclusive) locks. And there can't be simultaneous S and X locks on the same row.

The DELETE is the older transaction. It tries to acquire a X lock on each row to be deleted. Before it can complete, the SELECT sub-query -- which I believe comes from max(idarchive) -- tries to acquire a S lock on one of these locked rows.

So, it looks like advisory locks are needed to avoid this race condition.

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In fd5111b: Refs #4186 Adding advisory locking before running the DELETE query

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I believe this bug is fixed, the error did not happen in travis recently.

@mattab mattab added this to the 2.0 - Piwik 2.0 milestone
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