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Plugin documentation generator - add support for inline tag link #4242

tsteur opened this Issue Oct 26, 2013 · 3 comments

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tsteur commented Oct 26, 2013

It would be nice to easily link to other classes & methods within those classes. {@link ... ...} and @see, neither worked. markdown syntax works, but this will become unreadable when reading the docs in code.

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tsteur commented Oct 27, 2013

From what I see Sami does not support inline tags and it would be probably a few or more days work to support it.

FYI: What should work is @link and @see on docblock level: FriendsOfPHP/Sami#8

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tsteur commented Dec 2, 2013

Added {@link destination [description]} support in Class, Property, Method and Constant comments. The following links work so far:

 * {@link Map}  // class within this namespace
 * {@link Piwik\DataTable\Map}  // full classname
 * {@link getKeyName()}   // method within this class
 * {@link $myproperty}    // property within this class
 * {@link Map::getKeyName()} // method from any class
 * {@link Map::$myproperty}  // property from any class
 * {@link}  // http link
 * {@link} // https link
 * {@link mailto:test}       // mailto link

 * {@link Map Description Text}  // class within this namespace
 * {@link Piwik\DataTable\Map Description Text}  // full classname
 * {@link getKeyName() Description Text}   // method within this class
 * {@link $myproperty Description Text}    // property within this class
 * {@link Map::getKeyName() Description Text} // method from any class
 * {@link Map::$myproperty Description Text}  // property from any class
 * {@link Description Text}  // http link
 * {@link Description Text} // https link
 * {@link mailto:test Description Text}       // mailto link

 * {@link NotExistingClass}
 * {@link Piwik\DataTable\NotExistingClass}
 * {@link notExistingInternalMethod()}
 * {@link $notExistingInternalProperty}
 * {@link Map::notExistingExternalMethod()}
 * {@link NotExistingClass::notExistingExternalMethod()}
 * {@link Map::$notExistingProperty}
 * {@link NotExistingClass::$notExistingMethod}

 * {@link NotExistingClass Description}
 * {@link Piwik\DataTable\NotExistingClass Description}
 * {@link notExistingInternalMethod() Description}
 * {@link $notExistingInternalProperty Description}
 * {@link Map::notExistingExternalMethod() Description}
 * {@link NotExistingClass::notExistingExternalMethod() Description}
 * {@link Map::$notExistingProperty Description}
 * {@link NotExistingClass::$notExistingMethod Description}
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tsteur commented Dec 3, 2013
@tsteur tsteur added this to the 2.0 - Piwik 2.0 milestone Jul 8, 2014
This issue was closed.
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