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Use Piwik to measure how Piwik app is used by the community (opt-in) #4589

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just a weird idea:
track yourself / track piwik usages
would be interesting

  • to show the power of piwik e.g. for every firstime user
  • to show what is possible if integrated in best way
  • to compare different piwik users
  • to learn what new featuers may be needed for tracking such complex sites like piwik backend
  • to optimize usability
  • ...

with event tracking which is on the track it should be possible to get great inside of what one have used piwik for even with that many onpage actions piwik has.

'''enable via a simple checkbox in settings
-> automatic: new website "My Piwik" and start tracking immediately'''

  • everything should be configured/setup in best way
  • events hast to be implemented for all piwik standard actions
  • possibility to share the results with piwik developers
  • ....

what do you think ??


Thanks for the suggestion!

we would love to measure Piwik usage with Piwik itself. For example measure clicks on menus, which features are used, and more. The data would be useful to know features popularity and maybe take better product decisions.

Note:there is a setting in the config file:

; if set to 1, a Piwik tracking code will be included in the Piwik UI footer and will track visits, pages, etc. to idsite = 1
; this is useful for Piwik developers as an easy way to create data in their local Piwik
track_visits_inside_piwik_ui = 0

however it only tracks a basic pageview when Piwik is loaded...


see also: #1050 Plugin: opt-in to share aggregate daily data with centralized server

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This feature is key to our Product developments being more data driven.

note: related link

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