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Regressed: Scheduled reports should be sent automatically by webcron, when cron is not setup #4612

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Piwik Open Source Analytics member

It used to work this way:

  • If cron is setup, then cron will send email reports and execute other scheduled tasks
  • When cron is not setup, then the piwik.php requests will act as a webcron, and trigger archiving and scheduled tasks automatically when visitors visit the website.

This seems to have regressed in 2.0 as we got several reports by users that this stopped working.

Let's investigate the webcron and fix. Hopefully we can add integration test for this feature?


maybe this is also the reason why piwik auto update is not working?



shouldn't it be possible to check in each installation if this is working fine via the TasksTimetable Plugin?

=> if there are only negative times to next scheduled task - so all cron jobs are in the past- no cron (standart nor webcron) is working

if so this problem is also in my installation because - otherwise I should have never seen/found this problem


if this influences also all standard task: delete, archive, optimize etc which could be seen in the TaskTimetable Plugin

Prio and Version to fix should be set as high as /near as possible...

what do you think?


Since I check for piwik update on our testing site at least once per week to latest version/beta, one could calculate from the entries in TaskTimetable Pluging when / in which version the problem starts...

please see attachement

Scheduled Tasks

The following tasks are scheduled to be executed based on the current server time Monday 3 February 2014 13:18:18.
Name Date (Server time)
Piwik_PrivacyManager.deleteLogData Tuesday 15 October 2013 00:00:51
(in -111 days 13 hours)
Piwik_PrivacyManager.deleteReportData Tuesday 15 October 2013 00:00:51
(in -111 days 13 hours)
Piwik_CoreAdminHome.purgeOutdatedArchives Tuesday 15 October 2013 00:00:51
(in -111 days 13 hours)
Piwik_CoreAdminHome.optimizeArchiveTable Tuesday 15 October 2013 00:00:53
(in -111 days 13 hours)
Piwik_UserCountry_GeoIPAutoUpdater.update Wednesday 16 October 2013 00:00:21
(in -110 days 13 hours)
GeoIPAutoUpdater.update Wednesday 18 December 2013 00:00:46
(in -47 days 13 hours)

Piwik Open Source Analytics member

In d9f08bd: fixes #4612 do not bootstrap complete CronArchive when we just want to run scheduled tasks


thanks for the fix.
Just installed latest piwik master from github.

Since there is no change in list of tasks visible within TaskTimetable Plugin:

do we have to restart the webcron jobs with standard setting / standard tasks?
How to do so?
Or should the fix do this?

Piwik Open Source Analytics member

It should be triggered at some point when visits are tracked.


sorry looks still the same - no new tasks :-(

Piwik Open Source Analytics member

I think it's a different bug @hpvd. Do you mind opening new one with this particular case of "tasks scheduled in the past are not running as expected".

@mattab mattab added this to the 2.1 - Piwik 2.1 milestone
@tsteur tsteur was assigned by mattab
@sabl0r sabl0r pushed a commit to sabl0r/piwik that referenced this issue
@tsteur tsteur refx #4612 fixes scheduled tasks were not executed when browser archi…
…ving is enabled. Also fixes lots of errors that happened when the actual tasks were executed. For instance Twig was not found, some DB methods were missing because TrackerDB is slightly different and so on. Therefore we reuse the CronArchive logic to trigger scheduled tasks via HTTP which makes sure they are executed the same way and not in a limited Tracker mode way
@sabl0r sabl0r pushed a commit to sabl0r/piwik that referenced this issue
@tsteur tsteur fixes #4612 do not bootstrap complete CronArchive when we just want t…
…o run scheduled tasks
This issue was closed.
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