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Build a generic Analytics platform: allow to measure 'Mobile App', 'Intranet Website', 'Wearable', 'Sensor' and more #4734

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Piwik could be used a drop-in analytics platform tracking many different properties, providing all analytics you need out of the box.

Piwik is already used as open analytics platform for web analytics by more than 1 million websites. Learn more: What is Piwik?. You can already track with Piwik websites, intranet, mobile apps, and more. This ticket is about improving this functionality and exposing it to provide a better user experience and more useful analytics reports.

By default Piwik tracks actions by users, on websites. However websites is just one type of possible medium to analyze. For example there are also:

  • Mobile app
  • Intranet websites
  • Retail shops
  • APIs analytics
  • and/or anything else that has users and activity and where there is value for analytics

More details about each property types we'd like to support:

  • Analytics for Intranet Websites:
  • Analytics for Mobile Apps
    • Maybe we could replace all mentions of Visitors by Users, Pages by Actions?
    • Apps themselves already be tracked using iOS apps analytics with Piwik.
    • We need a new Android SDK (see ticket #4733) to complement the official Piwik iOS SDK, a project lead by Mattias Levin.
  • Analytics for API
    • So many are building APIs and need useful generic metrics for API usage. See #4178
  • Analytics for Ad Server #6180

Notes about implementation:

  • Make it possible for plugins to define a new Property Type
  • Each property could have an icon attached, and we could show the icon on the "All Websites" report, and possibly other places later (Piwik Mobile, Email reports, etc.)
  • In All Websites, add a new checkbox to let us see Websites/Apps/etc. grouped by their Type. By default, we do not group by Type. See #2174
  • Follows up #4326

Please comment with any related thoughts about tracking more properties in Piwik and provide a great user experience.


I would like to see this change implemented. My ticket #5333


Piwik has many interesting use cases

  • Measuring the internet of things #5935,
  • Measure your car usage and locations,
  • Measure your home light system and windows/doors system,
  • Piwik as a Metadata collection platform (measuring communications metadata, people activities and locations),
  • Measure activity tracked in Google Cloud Monitoring API,
  • Measure Arduino and Raspberry Pi via Arduino Analytics SDK and Raspberry Pi Analytics SDK for Piwik,
  • #5357 Health Analytics with Piwik, Google Fit Analytics.
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@mattab mattab changed the title from Allow to track 'Mobile App', 'Intranet Website', 'Wearable', 'Sensor' and more to Build a generic Analytics Platform: Allow to measure 'Mobile App', 'Intranet Website', 'Wearable', 'Sensor' and more
@mattab mattab changed the title from Build a generic Analytics Platform: Allow to measure 'Mobile App', 'Intranet Website', 'Wearable', 'Sensor' and more to Build a generic Analytics platform: allow to measure 'Mobile App', 'Intranet Website', 'Wearable', 'Sensor' and more

Now that we have Mobile SDK for iOS/Android it would be just natural to start working on that maybe for Piwik 2.12. At least some initial changes with some wording changes. Maybe we can do more and more changes over time to have it done by Piwik 3.0.

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Add possibility to manage and view Apps #7131

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