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Language and Country Detection bugs #504

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  • core/Common.php: extractLanguageCodeFromBrowserLanguage returns the country code; should rename this to extractCountryCodeFromBrowserLanguage and add a new extractLanguageCodeFromBrowserLanguage function
  • plugins/LanguagesManager/LanguagesManager.php: calls above function, extractLanguageCodeFromBrowserLanguage, expecting a language code, but for “en-ca”, it gets “ca” (Catal) instead of “en”
  • Visitors | Locations & providers | Countries data table shows “Unknown” for “en-US”; need to call strtolower(), probably in core/Common.php’s getBrowserlanguage()

Tasks from #504:

  • rename lang/cn.php to lang/zh-cn.php
  • rename lang/tw.php to lang/zh-tw.php

I’m guessing this one should be renamed too (judging from General_Locale):

  • rename lang/pt.php to lang/pt-br.php

Attachment: [504.diffs](


Attachment: new [LanguageToCountry.php](


Updated patch (and new file):

  • config/global.ini.php: added config option ‘enable_language_to_country_guess’ to turn on the language to country guess (when no region provided in the preferred language tag)
  • core/DataFiles/LanguageToCountry.php: new
  • core/DataFiles/Countries.php: updated with respect to ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 list
  • lang/en.php: updated with respect to above
  • tests/core/Common.test.php: more tests
  • core/Common.php: lots of changes
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end of fix in 931; thanks anthon!


(In 1038) refs #504 – check that valid_languages and valid_countries is not null; describes in_array() returning true if haystack is 0 or false, and not in strict mode

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