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Website List - Please Populate FIRST on Load #5097

anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue · 3 comments

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At some point in recent releases, the website list became dynamically loaded AFTER the rest of the default website modules loaded. This slows me down substantially from the way it was before, as I am usually wanting to choose a different website. On slow connections, it can take 10 to 20 seconds for all the modules to load before the user can choose a different website to view. Can you change this so that it loads BEFORE the tracking modules, so it will function similarly to how it used to?


Thanks for suggestion!

@tsteur I'm not sure how this could be fixed? maybe we could pre-load the list of sites as JSON within the main request to CoreHome?


I can load them via XHR, although it was on purpose not to do this as you have to request the websites list with each request although you might not use it. The current behavior improves the page load time / performance...


In 5df1f63: fixes #5097 load initial list of websites on load

@sabl0r sabl0r referenced this issue from a commit in sabl0r/piwik
@tsteur tsteur fixes #5097 load initial list of websites on load 5df1f63
This issue was closed.
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