Let Themes overwrite templates to allow full customisation within Themes #5122

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Piwik comes with a powerful theming framework that lets Theme designers fully customise the look and feel of Piwik.

There are actually several ways to customise a design with a theme:

  • you may overwrite CSS via the Theme CSS files
  • you may inject JavaScript to run custom code on the client side
  • you may hook in the template hooks such as: Template.beforeTopBar, Template.footer, Template.beforeContent

The goal of this ticket is to add a new mechanism to give Theme designers even more control and power over the way Piwik looks and feels:

  • As a theme designer I want to overwrite the twig templates in my theme, so I can customise the HTML and structure of any given functionality.

This change was proposed in the pull request: #263

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Fixed in 8e45483


Well I've tested this feature a bit.

I edited ExampleTheme plugin shipped with git master branch. I've added a file called plugins/ExampleTheme/templates/dashboard.twig, I've pasted content from original file Morpheus/templates/dashboard.twig editing with custom HTML.

Then reloading page, twig engine reloaded template cache and shown my modification in the dashboard without any tmp/* deletion.

I'm in troubles overriding plugins templates. I've created plugins/ExampleTheme/plugins/VisitorGenerator/generate.twig file with same modifications, then reloading index.php (dashboard) the browser (my version is latest Firefox) goes timed out. Looks like a kind of loop not mentioned into Apache's error.log

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@tassoman Thanks for report. do you mind creating a new ticket with the use case that bugs? Since this ticket is now closed (feel free to link to this ticket from new one)

@mattab mattab added this to the 2.3.0 - Piwik 2.3.0 milestone Jul 8, 2014
This issue was closed.
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