Websites drop-down list and All Websites Dashboard view not working #5170

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I still have this problem. Websites drop-down list is showing me only one website and the All Websites Dashboard is not working. It gives me this error You can't access this resource as it requires an 'view' access for the website id = 1. Also The Visitor Map widget is not working, it throws this error TypeError: a is undefined at Line 4

I am using Piwik 2.2.3-b4

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Thanks for the report. Can you try to delete the files in piwik/tmp/assets/

and then open this URL you pasted above -> does it show the Javascript?

do you see any error in your server error log?


When I open the above link it shows me the javascript code.

I've deleted all files in piwik/temp/assets/ but it is the same error and I suppose it is generated by a script regarding Visitor Map because the map isn't loading. No errors on server log.

TypeError: a is undefined
Line 4

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Hey andreij,

to debug this issue we would probably need access to your Piwik instance. Is this possible? Would you mind creating a Piwik user for us and send us the credentials? You can delete the user afterwards again. If so, can you send the details to hello @ and leave a comment afterwards here (in case mails goes into spam folder)?

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I had a look and noticed the problem is a "301 Moved Permanently" redirect when the UI performs a POST request to the API.

For instance there is a redirect from

POST http://www.yourdomain.xy/piwik/index.php?apiAction=getAll&apiModule=MultiSites&date=2014-05-20&enhanced=1&filter_limit=0&format=JSON&hideMetricsDoc=1&idSite=1&method=API.getProcessedReport&module=API&period=day&showColumns=label,nb_visits


GET http://www.yourdomain.xy/piwik/?apiAction=getAll&apiModule=MultiSites&date=2014-05-20&enhanced=1&filter_limit=0&format=JSON&hideMetricsDoc=1&idSite=1&method=API.getProcessedReport&module=API&period=day&showColumns=label,nb_visits

To be concrete your server seems to redirect all
requests to

The actual POST request contains your API auth token. This is needed for authentication and to make sure you have access to the requested website. As there is a redirect the auth token gets lost meaning there is no permission to view the page.

I have debugged the All Websites Dashboard as well as the Country Map and both fails because of this reason. Maybe you can have a look on the server and display this redirect?

You can delete the account again.


Thanks for support.
I've solved the problem.

This issue was closed.
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