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Plugins could define unit tests in plugins/PLUGIN/tests #540

mattab opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Matthieu Aubry Anthon Pang
Matthieu Aubry

Plugins developers good practise involves writing and running unit tests. To do so, Piwik plugins developers should write unit tests using the existing testing framework in place in Piwik.

The objective is to update the piwik/tests/* code so that all tests in plugins//tests/.php is picked up by the testing framework. Two requirements:

  • going to plugins/*/tests/example.php should run the unit test directly
  • going to tests/all_tests.php and the tests in plugins should be automatically ran
Anthon Pang

fixed in [1444]

Matthieu Aubry mattab added this to the Piwik 0.4.4 milestone
This issue was closed.
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