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sgiehl commented Jul 4, 2014

Currently Piwik is only able to detect browsers.
Instead of detecting only browsers we should open up piwik to client based detection.
Clients can be browsers, as well as media players, mobile apps, personal information managers (like mail clients), feed readers and so on.
The DeviceDetector used by Piwik is already able to detect such clients.
As it is impossible to define short codes for all those possible clients, we might need to move away from only saving short codes (like it is actually done for browsers)

With client based detection there will be more reports possible within Piwik. So it would be nice to see which client types mostly visits a website and os on.


ThaDafinser commented Jul 29, 2014

@sgiehl i would go all client $_SERVER vars serialized in one field inside piwik_log_visit.

  • at an upgrade you can extract them, if other table fields need to be field
  • you can update the short codes or other things at an upgrade


  • possible overflow (TEXT can be too small....i had it one time as LARGETEXT....)
  • needs a lot of space

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mattab commented Apr 7, 2015

Hi @sgiehl - great idea of a new report for Piwik.

Do you maybe have some idea on approx estimate for this issue?


sgiehl commented Apr 7, 2015

I think that would take a few days for implementation. We need to built a switch between the different client types and therefor adjust the table structure as we need additional information. Currently all client types other than browser will be reported as "unknown" browser, which will then be excluded from the browser reports. Maybe I can provide a detailed list of todos as soon as I have some time for that.

I would love to see that in the near future!

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Media player detection are ignored in browsers #5615

is near feature now 👍 ?

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