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referer URLs with host registered as main_url or alias_url should NOT be counted as referer #5429

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They should instead be counted as “Direct entry”.

Note: part of this ticket is also to clarify the UI of what the URLs are used for, and why they are useful. UI should clarify that alias URLs are optional and used only to improve referer detection. If the Piwik JS code is put on a subdomain that is not in the list, the page hits will still be recorded.


Problem: it requires a lookup of alias URLs for each request, which is too expensive. This has to be done at the Archiving process.


(In 994) – fixed #9 referer URLs with host registered as main_url or alias_url should NOT be counted as referer now if a visitor comes to with a referer, it will be considered a direct entry rather than a referer visit. makes use of the new caching mechanism introduced with the Goal Tracking plugin, to cache website-related data for super fast access at Tracker time. - Goals is not a tracker plugin anymore (improving performance of Tracker) - fixed bug that the cache file wasn’t read properly and goal queries were done at each piwik.php request


(In 997) -refs #5429 now removes www. before testing for more accuracy


reopening because the UI doesn't specify what the alias URLs are for. The UI should explain:

It is recommended, but not required, to specify the various URLs that your visitors use to access this website. 
Alias URLs for a website will not appear in the Referers > Websites report. 
Note that it is not necessary to specify the URLs with and without 'www' as Piwik automatically considers both.

is this inline help clear?


Sounds good. We should add this to both the installer and site manager.


In [1626], fixes #5429 - add inline help re: alias urls to SitesManager "add site"

Defering any change the Installation screen because the textarea isn't styled consistently.

@mattab mattab added this to the Piwik 0.5 milestone
This issue was closed.
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