Plugin to import statistics from phpmyvisites 2.x #5490

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To make it easy to move from phpmyvisites to Piwik such a plugin is necessary.
It would make its best to convert statistics from phpmyvisites 2.x to piwik, maximizing the user base conversion rate and making the process as smooth as possible.

The plugin is not currently under development – if you would like to help sponsoring this plugin, please contact Piwik Consultants that would be able to help!


Any progress on this?


Any updates? This plug-in is essential if you want people to switch from phpMyVisites to this new app. The quicker people switch the less you will have to worry about different versions of phpMyVisites and piwik!


phpMyVisites isn’t being updated. Notably, the potential XSS vulnerability reported in November for [phpMyVisites]( wasn’t addressed, but was fixed in Piwik.


I can’t use piwik cause i need to recover my old stats… That’s really important !


Hola uso Piwit! desde hace dos meses pero nesecito tener los datos viejos de phpmyvisites.
Le agredezco este plugins cuando este listo! :|


importing new datas with other measure method is .... stupid...
i also think to the "page per view" values which does not use the same results...

IMHO piwik reinvented the wheel when the phpmv2 core seems stable...


I agree that such plugin is needed. In the last phpmyvisites' newsletter, it's suggested to migrate to Piwik, but nothing about what to do with our phpmyvisites' datas..

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I don't think this will ever happen, considering the dev time it would require. A more probably import script would be to import from GA, but not yet planned...

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