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Such an integration could range from very simple to very complex depending on the developper time & passion.
A few ideas

  • add country flags / browser / OS icons to comments
  • easy integration of the javascript code in the footer
  • integration of the widget showing some basic statistics in WP sidebar / in admin dashboard
  • loading piwik interface from within wordpress interface
  • check the following list for good ideas:



You could have a look at ! — a phpMyVisites plugin for WP compatible with Piwik, just to start with. I haven’t tried it, but maybe it’s useful for your work.

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See also woopra integration

  • !
  • !

Wordpress plugin not collecting stats with PiWik 0.4. I've checked the codes, and found out that there are discrepancies between the Javascript being generated by PiWik and the javascript being generated by the wordpress plugin. I guess that's the reason it's not working...


What's the thinking here guys?

Do you see value in Piwik developing a collection of plugins for popular CMS platforms (eg: WP, Drupal, Joomla) or do we "relinquish" this task/effort to individual CMS communities (eg: WP plugin developers)? - thus freeing us up to focus on Piwik even better ? Or do you see the inclusion of these add-ons as part of the Piwik package and value add?

Eg: three plugins that add Piwik integration to Wordpress and work well with current WP 2.9.2 and Piwik 0.5.4:

Remember that Piwik already has the nifty feature that allows users to generate necessary code/script to drop a pretty Piwik widget anywhere on one's site.

Suppose we decide to "relinquish" development of certain add-ons to external communities - we could:

1) "Interact/Collaborate" with these external communities (eg: via WP plugin forums) thus strengthening and expanding the Piwik network even further.

2) Acknowledge the external contributors via Piwik Blog posts / Tweets etc...

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Robert, I think we just want to help plugin authors building such features if they want to. We don't want to take over wordpress integration plugin for now, as already there are a few plugins that you mentioned that are doing a nice job. I mark this one as fixed for now.

See also the blog post on

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